Work Clothes

Clothing – one of the most necessary and, at times, artistic conventions since ancient times. Yet, clothing is also the most critical protective layer for our body, which if wrongly chosen can cause hazardous injuries to one self.

The clothes that you wear to your construction job site can definitely have an affect your safety. For instance, a pair of work pants that is too long for your legs can easily get trapped under your foot and might cause you to fall. Similarly, a pair of long sleeves rolled up your arms or a tie hanging from your neck can easily get caught in a moving piece of machinery and cause grievous accidents. For these reasons, it is very important that your work clothes fit you properly and aren’t too loose or baggy.

When working in construction you must dress for the job you are performing and you must wear all of the safety gear that is related to your work. There are many types of clothes that are found in the construction industry such as work pants, overalls, shirts, vests, jackets, steel toed boots, coats, protective gloves and hard hats, etc.

Many construction jobs take place out of doors and you will have to dress according to the elements. This means you may find yourself wearing a different set of clothes every day of the week if the weather changes.

Make sure that your clothing keeps you warm in the cold weather and cool in warmer temperatures. The clothing should keep you dry at all times, so if it is raining, make sure you are wearing adequate water resistant clothing. It’s a good idea to dress in layers if you can. This way if the temperature rises or drops you can add and subtract layers of clothing to keep you comfortable.

When you are dressing for winter construction work, make sure that the clothing still allows you to move about freely. In the hot summer, it is often tempting to wear less clothing, but you should make sure that your body is protected at all times from any work hazards, this includes protecting yourself from sunburn and wind burn. When dressing for construction work, don’t forget about keeping your head and hands dry and warm/cool. However, make sure that you aren’t too hot in the winter because if you find yourself sweating while working outdoors in cold temperatures and cold winds, it could lead to hypothermia.

Work clothes for construction come in a wide variety of styles, design, colors and materials for both men and women. You need to make sure that your clothes are comfortable and sensible while working.

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