Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek wristbands are used as tamperproof identification tags in places such as: racing tracks, amusement parks, special events, schools, parties, concerts, holiday resorts, nightclubs and bars, etc. The wristbands are very durable, economical and tear-resistant as Tyvek is a very tough and versatile material. The wristbands are fitted on the patron''s wrist and are then regarded as visible tickets or patron identification devices so that people can be segregated per the tickets they have bought or the areas they should be in. When you have finished with the wristband it is very easy to cut off with a pair of scissors.

The material Tyvek was founded by the DuPont Company in 1955 however commercial production of the material didn't take place until 1967. Tyvek is produced by a fully integrated process which uses continuous and very fine fibers of 100 percent high-density polyethylene that are randomly distributed and non directional. The fibers are flash spun first and then they are laid as a web on a moving bed before they are bonded together by a combination of heat and pressure, without the use of binders, sizers or fillers. If you vary both the lay-down speed and the bonding conditions, you can make the flashspun sheet to into both soft textured and hard textured forms of Tyvek.

Tyvek is often used in marketing items such as advertising posters and banners; labels; tags; and schoolbook covers because of its excellent water, abrasion and tear resistant properties. As well as being very durable, Tyvek is also very versatile as it can be slit, scored, die-cut, laminated, embossed, grommetted and sewn.

The wristbands can be printed in a variety of attractive colors, with suitable symbols or messages printed on them. They can also be bar coded and color-coded. The wristbands are secured by strong adhesives and have tamper-proof cuts that cause them to shred if they are tampered with.

Other typical uses of Tyvek wristbands include: age identification and alcohol control at racetracks, promotions and advertising at special events and concerts, VIP or hospitality tent access, group identification for schoolchildren or other groups, etc.

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