Tyvek Shoe Covers

Many people go to work each day in their clean and professional-looking work wear and work uniforms however a lot of them forget to take care of their work shoes properly. Many people work in dirty and hazardous environments each day and are very particular about protecting their skin and their work clothes while forgetting about their feet and their footwear . Tyvek shoe covers are designed to help prevent contamination and dirt from getting into your feet and shoes. They are also designed to help you from spreading the contamination and dirt to other areas by tracking it there on your shoes.

Many men and women in various types of jobs wear these shoe covers as a part of their everyday work uniform . Personnel who work in places such as radioactive labs, in high-sterilized labs and in areas of particulate and harmful dust, wear the covers over top of their regular work shoes. They are also commonly worn in places such as: paint shops, farms, food processing areas, meat packaging and high-sterilized IC manufacturing areas, etc. The shoe covers can be worn along with Tyvek suits, Tyvek gloves and Tyvek hoods for full body protection.

The shoe covers are highly durable, rip, tear, and wear resistant. They are stitched for a loose fit and are easy to get on and off of your work shoes and work boots. The covers come with elastic ankles that seal the feet from the ankle down. The covers also come in one size fits all models. Tyvek is a tough and wear-resistant material and can be molded using special procedures. The shoe covers are designed to protect the worker's feet from various types of work hazards such as acid, herbicides, pesticides, acids, and other liquid splashes, lead dust, asbestos, radiation dust, and abrasive dust, etc. Unlike other shoe covers that are made from plastic or cloth, Tyvek shoe covers do not absorb dust and are anti-static. Messages, logos, warnings, etc. can be printed on the covers. The covers can generally be purchased in boxes of 200. After you have finished with your pair of Tyvek shoe covers, make sure that you dispose of them properly.

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