Nomex Racing Suits

Racecar drivers, motorcycle racers, speedboat racers and racing crews operate in high-risk areas where the high-octane fuel can easily cause accidental flash fires. The flames are very high in intensity, the destruction is swift and they often burn very quickly with little smoke and visible flames. Racing suits that are made out of Nomex are designed to protect men and women who are involved in such fires. The racing suits are made from a blend of Meta Aramid, Para Aramid, conductive fibers and Kevlar.

Because Nomex is a highly flame retardant material, it is the preferred material for racing suits. Crews and racers from organizations such as NASCAR, IRL, NHRA, CART, and IRHA, generally wear Nomex racing suits as they have saved many lives and have prevented numerous burn injuries from racing pit fires and racing accident fires. Nomex is a flame retardant substance that doesn't melt, drip, burn, or support combustion in the air. Because Nomex carbonizes and becomes thicker when it is exposed to intense heat, it forms a protective barrier between the heat source and the skin. The long-lasting flame-resistance that is provided by Nomex racing suits cannot be washed out and worn away.

The racing suits have tight, elastic necks, cuffs, ankles and five needle safety stitches. The suits have a gusseted back, a two-way zipper and six main pockets. Logos, team colors and other messages can be printed or embroidered onto the suits. The racing suits are thoroughly tested by DuPont, the company which invented Nomex . DuPont scientists help racing suit manufacturers develop optimum designs in lightweight, flame-resistant suits. To protect themselves even more, most race car drivers will also wear long underwear that is made out of Nomex . Flame retardant , protective helmets and gloves are also worn as a part of a racing suit and so is the appropriate footwear.

It is very important that your racing suit fits you properly and doesn't restrict your movement in any way. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a flash fire or a crash you will need your full range of movement to safely escape.

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