Nomex Flight Suits

Flying a small airplane, glider or a helicopter can be a dangerous job, especially if you are in the military. You are thousands of feet in the air and can sometimes be a sitting duck for anti aircraft fire and other types of occupational hazards. Because of this, the pilots and flight crews of the military and NASA shuttles wear Nomex flight suits. Nomex is a material that was invented by the DuPont Company in the 1970s and it is flame retardant . The flight suits are made out of a blend of Meta Aramid, Para Aramid, conductive fibers and Kevlar . There are several types of flight suits available such as: air force type flight suits, GI flight suits, etc.

The flight suits are designed to protect the pilots and the aircrew from flash fires, electrical fires and high-octane gas fires that can easily occur in airplane accidents. Flame resistant Nomex flight suits are designed not to melt, drip, burn or support combustion in the air. The flight suits offer flameproof protection from the neck down to the ankles. Nomex gloves, socks, flame retardant helmets and work boots complete the protective outfit for airplane crews against fires.

The suits have a gusseted back, two-way zipper and six main pockets. An adjustable waist belt with Velcro, a pocket for a knife and a pencil pocket are also provided. Elastic ankles and wrists ensure proper sealing. The suits are available in various such as small, medium, etc. They are also available in a variety of colors such as: woodland camo, sage green, orange, navy blue, tan and black. Attractive printing can be placed on the suits.

It is important that your flight suit fits you properly as you need to keep you full range of movement while you are wearing it. This is especially crucial in the case of an accident. You need to be able to move quickly and without hindrance to save your self and others in the case of a crash or a fire. The flight suit is designed to be flame retardant, but it must also keep you warm. Don't forget about this when you are purchasing a Nomex flight suit.

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