Nomex Clothing

Nomex, the reliable flame retardantfabric that was invented by the DuPont Company, is used to make work wearfor firefighters, racecar drivers and pilots. These people need to wear Nomex clothing because of the dangers of their occupations. Nomexis used to make various articles of work clothessuch as flight suits, racing suits, coveralls, gloves, socks, underwear, and hoods.

Dangerous occupational hazards such as flash fires and electric arc accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. The only way that you can protect your self against these dangers is to wear the proper type of protective work wear. Nomex clothing is worn by most men and women who need flame retardantclothing because it does not sustain combustion in the air at room temperature and it will not melt, drip or burn when it is exposed to heat and flames. The properties of Nomexcannot be washed out and worn away from your clothing.

Firefighters wear Nomex clothing for obvious reasons and they have been doing so since the material was invented. Firefighters wear Nomex clothing to meet their essential performance requirements such as durability, mobility, outer-shell thermal damage tolerance, and facecloth friction. Nomex clothing allows firefighters to perform to the best of their abilities because they know they are safe as they are properly protected from the inside out. Firefighters wear Nomexhoods underneath their helmets to make sure that their necks and heads are fully protected from the heat and flames.

Racecar drivers are clad in a Nomex coverall orracing suitthat protects them from the neck to the ankle from high intensity flames. Pilots who typically fly fighter jets, helicopters and other types of planes wear Nomex flight suits. Nomex apparel is also famous with the people working with services in utilities, petrochemicals, defense, and even NASA astronaut crews.

Typically, the fires that are found in racing accidents and in airplanes are classified as Level A and Level B fires. This means that the fire intensity is very high. Nomex clothing can help to save lives when it is used to protect the personnel in such situations. Apparel that is made from Nomexfabric can be stitched, fitted with zippers, printed and washed, just like any other fabric. The fabric is very lightweight and comfortable.

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