Kevlar Vests

The exceptional strength and durability of Kevlar makes it an ideal material to make bulletproof vests out of for men and women of law enforcement agencies, security services and military professionals. The man made material of Kevlar is ounce for ounce five times stronger than steel and it is a critical component in making protective vests.

Kevlar vests that are worn under a jacket or a coat are designed to help protect the upper torso against gunfire and stabbings. Vests that are made out of Kevlar Aramid fibers have saved countless lives of police and defense personnel, VIPs and dignitaries all over the world. In war areas, it is usually mandatory for defense personnel and journalists to wear Kevlar vests. Because they are so effective, many celebrities and politicians have now taken to wearing Kevlar vests underneath their clothing.

The extreme toughness and light weight of the fiber makes it ideal for making unobtrusive, lightweight vests that can be worn for daylong use. The vests are made by using multiple layers of interwoven layers of Kevlar fiber. When a bullet hits the vest, it is designed to transfer its velocity and energy to the other fibers and layers. Very quickly, the energy is dissipated and the bullet remains lodged harmlessly in the vest. After each exposure to gunfire, the vests need to be thoroughly checked for fitness before they can be used again.

It is important to remember that a Kevlar vest can not guarantee your safety from gunfire and knife attacks. They are designed to help protect you, but you can still be injured while wearing one. Kevlar-only vests may not protect you from many types of ammunition so many Kevlar vests are reinforced with with steel, titanium, ceramic, or polyethylene plates that help to provide extra protection to vital areas. These reinforcement plates have proven to be more effective against all handgun bullets and some rifles, if the bullet actually hits the plate.

The vests are available for law enforcement and defense personnel and sometimes hunters wear them. Kevlar vests are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

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