Kevlar Sleeves

Kevlar sleeves are commonly used to protect the arms of men and women in various industrial jobs. The items of protective equipment are worn by workers in environments such as: factories, manufacturing, assembly, the food industry, HVAC, pulp and paper mills, and fish and meat processing, etc. Kevlar sleeves are also an essential piece of tactical equipment for police officers and military personnel as they help to protect the wrists and forearms from bites and scratches from humans and animals along with cuts from sharp objects. Since the sleeves are heat and flash resistant they may also worn when deploying flash bangs. The sleeves are very light and breathable. They will not make you hot and sweaty and more importantly, they will not restrict your movement in any way.

Kevlar sleeves have a high cut and abrasion resistance and are designed to help protect people who are working with sharp instruments, sharp working material and also against hot liquid splashes. The protective sleeves should also be worn with Kevlar gloves for optimum arm protection. Made from Kevlar Aramid fibers, the sleeves are up to 32 inches long and 5 ¼ inches wide. They are lightweight, extremely tough, wear resistant, chemical resistant, cut resistant, puncture resistant, and flame resistant.

There are many types of Kevlar sleeves available and they come in different levels of thickness, and each is suited for specific applications. The sleeves are all double knit and do not absorb any moisture. They fit comfortably and can be worn for long hours at a time. For maximum protection, make sure that you are wearing the proper sleeve for the job that you are doing. Kevlar sleeves are elastic and retain their position and shape during work, so the worker does not have to waste time in adjusting the sleeves frequently. They can be dyed with any color.

Kevlar sleeves are made to help instill confidence in workers who can work comfortably, secure in the knowledge that they are fully protected. Most Kevlar sleeves come in tubular knit form or woven cut and sew varieties to meet your demanding applications.

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