Kevlar Helmets

Because Kevlar possesses such excellent protective qualities and because it is stronger than steel, ounce for ounce, it is an ideal material for making protective helmets with. Military and police personnel around the world wear Kevlar helmets to help protect their heads from a variety of hazards such as heat, flames, shrapnel and blunt trauma injuries. The helmets are much lighter and stronger than steel helmets and they offer the best protection available in battle zone areas and urban war zones. Many types of sports helmets are also made out of Kevlar because of the material's light weight, durability and strength.

The protective Kevlar helmets that are used by the military and the police weigh about three pounds and are designed to help protect the wearer against stop Level III-A threats. With a 3-point quick-release chinstrap system and foam-top doughnut with back and front pads, the helmet sits securely and comfortably on your head.

Many types of Kevlar helmets also have slots built into them so that items such as communication devices, headphones, earmuffs, and night vision goggles can be fitted on them. The helmets can be given an infrared coating and pass the V50 ballistic resistance of 2,175 fps. It has an integrated outer shell and a suspension system that is adjustable and replaceable to provide a stable and snug fit.

A Kevlar helmet must fit you properly to be of any use to you. It is also important that you are using the right type of protective helmet for the hazards that you will be facing. This is very important as the helmets cannot guarantee your safety. The helmet should also be well ventilated and comfortable to keep you cool and dry. If a person becomes uncomfortable or too hot and sweaty under a helmet they have a tendency of taking the helmet off. This could prove to be a fatal mistake in a dangerous environment.

Typically used by infantry regiments, tank crews and SWAT teams, the helmets are shorter at the back for better prone position shooting. Kevlar helmets can be purchased in different head sizes, colors and designs.

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