Kevlar Gloves

Kevlar is a man made material that is extremely tough, wear resistant, lightweight, chemical resistant, cut resistant, puncture resistant, and flame resistant. Because of these excellent properties and characteristics, many types of industrial workers often wear Kevlar gloves to protect their hands against cuts and bruises. These work gloves are commonly worn by men and women who are employed in industries such as mechanical manufacturing plants, automotive assembly units, metal stamping, sheet metal work, aerospace and office furniture manufacturing.

Kevlar safety gloves help to safeguard the worker from the possible injuries that can be caused from items such as nails, glass shards, metal flakes, wood splinters and needles. Kevlar won''t burn, melt or support combustion and can protect against temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius. Some types of cooking mitts are also made out of Kevlar because of their heat resistant properties. Many motorcyclists are now starting to wear Kevlar gloves because of their strength, flexibility and cut resistant properties.

Made from Aramid Kevlar fibers, the gloves have excellent cut resistance and thermal resistance. They also have good resistance to organic solvents and weak acids. Kevlar gloves have properties that are lightweight, washable and flexible. Some of the Kevlar gloves are almost as thin as paper, which gives extreme comfort and sensitivity to the person wearing them. Many people who want to protect their entire arms will wear Kevlar sleeves with the gloves.

Kevlar work gloves are available in a variety of styles, designs, colors and thickness. It is important that you wear the right type of gloves for the job that you are doing. The gloves should fit you properly and shouldn't restrict your movement in anyway while you are working. They should be breathable so you don't become too hot or sweaty while you are wearing them. Most types of Kevlar gloves can also be machine washed.

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