Wholesale Scrubs

Doctor’s scrubs, nurse’s scrubs, medical scrubs and hospital scrubs are available in a wide variety of quality and price ranges and they can usually be purchased directly from the manufacturer at a low cost. Medical and healthcare institutions generally purchase their medical scrubs in bulk to get wholesale rates, which are inexpensive when compared to retail rates. This wholesale rate is directly passed on to the medical fraternity who purchase scrubs from their institutions as part of their uniform.

Earlier restricted to operation theatres only, the sheer functionality and durability of scrubs make them a favorite choice of many healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, orderlies, anesthetists, attendants, x-ray technicians and caregivers. You can expect to pay a wholesale rate of $ 8.90 for a reversible v-neck, unisex scrub top. However owing to the quantity of cloth involved, the price varies for different sizes. Thus the same scrub top, which costs $ 8.90 for XS-XL sizes, will cost $11.13 for XXL-XXXL sizes and $17.80 for XXXXL-XXXXXL sizes.

Medical scrubs come in all different sizes and a variety of colors and patterns. You can also get scrubs monogrammed, custom designed and with children’s patterns on them. They are basically unisex as men’s and women’s scrubs don’t really differ too much. However there are some scrubs that are designed for a specific sex. Medical scrubs include various clothing items such as: elastic or draw string pants, pull over, short sleeve and long sleeve tops, gowns, caps, and aprons, etc. The scrubs are either disposable or they are reusable ones that can be washed and worn often.

When buying wholesale scrubs for a healthcare facility you need to make sure that you are getting high quality items. Don’t base your purchase order on the price only. The scrubs need to be lightweight, strong and durable and should fit well. You should also make sure that you get some kind of guarantee or warranty on the clothing.

Ideally, medical institutions can save enormously on costs by sticking to case purchases like: 24 scrub sets to a case, one specific size and color range. Some wholesalers sell scrubs for as low as $ 5.75.

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