Welding Clothing

Welding is a manufacturing and construction process in which two or more metals or plastics are joined and bonded together by the application of heat. Welding is most extensively used in the metal industry and has become an indispensable process for manufacturing and building.

Welding can be broadly classified as plastic welding and fusion welding. In plastic welding, two metals are joined by heating them to a plastic state and then forced by external pressure. In fusion welding, the two metals are heated to molten state and then allowed to solidify. There are many different types of welding and classification can be further broken down into gas welding, arc welding, resistance welding, solid state welding, spot welding, and mig welding, etc. Gas welding is accomplished by burning a mixture of combustible gases such as acetylene and oxygen.

Because welding can be a very dangerous job you need to make sure that your wear the right type of work clothes and safety gear every time you weld. When you are welding you need to have mobility in your arms and upper body so make sure that the clothes you are wearing aren’t too tight. You also have to make sure that the clothing isn’t too baggy either, as it could become a fire hazard. You need to wear various items of safety gear while welding such as welding gloves, welding goggles, a welding helmet and a welding mask. These articles will make you hot when welding, so it’s a good idea that your clothing is lightweight and well ventilated.

Sparks may fly literally when you are welding so you also need to wear a protective apron or overalls/coveralls to keep the hot embers off of your clothing and body. If possible, it is a great idea to wear flame retardant clothing when welding. The safety gear will protect your eyes, head and hands from the hot sparks of the welding process along with the bright ultraviolet rays.

Some welding jobs may also take place outside and you should dress to the elements when working outdoors. If it is cold out, make sure you keep yourself warm and comfortable, but don’t wear anything that will hamper your movement. However, you always need to wear the welding safety gear indoors and outdoors.

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