Welding Goggles

An arc-welding torch can generate very high temperatures, which in turn produces light of high intensity. This spectrum of light consists of ultraviolet and infrared radiations. Viewing the light with the naked eye can often cause temporary or permanent blindness to a person. Welding goggles are an important item of safety gear for all welders. Welding goggles are fitted with darkened, colored lenses that give protection to the eyes from the ultraviolet and infrared rays. The goggles will also protect you from flying sparks and other objects that may be jarred loose while welding. For this reason, the goggles should have scratch resistant and impact resistant lenses. They should also be anti-fog lenses so you always have a clear view of your work.

Goggle manufacturing companies offer a wide variety of welding goggles. A manufacturer offers stylish protection with comfort that can be worn all day. These goggles come in wide range of colors, sizes and shades. For instance, the shade 5 goggles are called Green Gas Welding Goggles. They provide economical protection, which can be customized for protection too. Some goggles have rigid frames, while others have flexible frames. Some goggles are styled like regular glasses with two separate eyepieces, while other goggles may be designed with a one piece rectangular shield.

Another type of welding goggles is called Gold Gas Welding Goggles, which provide enhanced protection from UV and IR rays. These are reflective types with a shade of 5 to 6 visibility. The welding goggles are available up to shade 12 with their usage simply for the magnitude of welding. Most goggles have flip up lenses and adjustable elastic straps for size.

Most of the welding goggles meet the standards defined by ANSI. These goggles are made up of shatterproof glass or a composite material and are held by reinforced metal frames. Some safety goggles can be worn over existing eyewear as they are provided with elastic-type bands. Make sure that your goggles fit you properly and are also comfortable. They should be lightweight and adequately vented as you don't want to become too hot and sweaty while welding as it's already going to be hot enough.

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