Welding Gloves

The process of welding can produce a tremendous amount of heat and ultraviolet light, which can cause serious burn injuries to the welder. Some types of welding processes can produce temperatures of about 3200 degrees centigrade and this can be very dangerous for the operator. You should never handle a welding torch or an object that you have just welded with your bare hands as they may lead to serious burns. The welding torch, being a good conductor of heat, can conduct heat to the torch handle. It is hence, advisable to always use welding gloves that are provided when carrying out welding operations.

Welding gloves are usually made out of leather and are important safety gear items as they are designed to protect the hands from any burn injury and scrapes, etc. Leather offers protection without itself undergoing any change due to the generated heat. However welding gloves are also made out of other materials. One precaution that should be taken while handling welding equipment is that the gloves should not be used to lift hot metal objects. This may burn the leather and also cause permanent damage to the hand.

Different types of welding gloves are available in the marketplace depending on the type, nature and location of the work. For gas welding, five-finger gloves are preferred and for arc welding two finger gloves are preferred. It is advantageous to use two finger gloves as they reduce the sparks and metal spatter between the fingers.

Make sure that the welding gloves you use are the proper size as you need to get a good grip on the torch and possibly the item you are welding. If the torch slips it could lead to an accident. Since welding is such a hot job you should look for a pair of gloves that will keep your handles cool and comfortable. You don't want your hands to be sweating while you are working so a well ventilated pair of gloves is ideal. Most welding gloves are lined with cotton on the inside. Welding gloves may be designed like a regular pair of gloves where they come to your wrist and they are also designed in larger models to cover part of your forearm. The work gloves are available in various sizes and colors.

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