Scrubs are quickly replacing the traditional medical and nursing uniform as the attire of choice. Scrubs generally refer to the shirts, pants and jackets that are worn in operating theatres by surgeons, doctors and nurses after they 'scrub in' or disinfect themselves prior to performing surgery. While earlier scrubs were generally restricted to operation theatres only, the sheer functionality and durability of scrubs makes them a favorite choice of many healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, attendants and caregivers.

Scrubs are easy to maintain and are generally inexpensive. They are available in a range of styles, colors, fabrics and sizes. The range of creative styles, including: vibrant colors, bold animal prints, cartoons, flowers and other interesting designs, are intentionally used to make patients feel at ease, relaxed and secure; especially children. General features that serve as a differentiator between scrubs include things such as: reversible and non-reversible scrubs, round-rope types and flat drawstrings, kimono and sewn-on sleeves. Other features include: unisex options with additional pockets, convertible sleeves, flare and Capri legs, elastic and low-rise waists.

Although scrubs seem to be a natural type of work wear for the medical field, they haven’t really been around that long. In the 1800s and earlier, doctors usually performed medical operations in their street clothes with just an apron to protect their clothes. Operating room attire was eventually brought in, but it was all white in the early days to emphasize cleanliness. However, with the bright surgical lights shining on white clothing, many doctors and other medical personnel found that it was too bright on the eyes. The red color of blood also stood out a little too much on white clothing and it wasn’t always a very pleasant site. White medical and nursing clothing slowly gave way to other colors such as blue and green in the mid 1900s.

Since you are working in the medical field you should always look professional in your work wear. This means that you should make sure your scrubs are kept as clean as possible and also fit you properly. This isn’t just about looks either, as your work clothes may often get dirty and contaminated, so it is also a health and safety issue. The scrubs have to fit you well so they don’t hinder your movements in any way and prevent you from doing your job properly.

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