Work wear and uniforms that are worn by professionals in the foodservice industry are functional and usually also double as a brand identity for the company. In addition, the uniforms in the food industry also aid in employee and food safety. Restaurant work clothes are intended to augment professional expertise and convey a feeling of efficiency and reliability to the establishment's patrons.

There are many different clothes that are worn in the food service industry including chef uniforms, chef coats, chef pants, chef hats, chef shirts, aprons, neckwear, jackets, and chef shoes, etc. It isn't just the chef that wears special work wear in the restaurant industry as there is clothing available for most personnel across the organization. This includes work clothes for a host of other employees such as: hosts, hostesses, food servers, sous chefs, cooks, table clearers, dishwashers, waiters, and order takers, etc. There are also other articles of clothing that are often found in the food industry which are health related such as disposable beard covers and hair nets. The work clothes that are associated with the food industry are available in a wide array of styles, colors, fabrics, sizes and designs.

Restaurant work wear is often worn by employees of all types of food establishments such as coffee shops, fast food restaurants, café's, buffets, caterers, and gourmet restaurants. Food establishments that belong to a chain of restaurants, almost always wear matching uniforms. Restaurant workers such as dishwashers and cooks that work in the kitchen and out of public view usually wear a different type of outfit, depending on what job they perform.

Today most restaurant work wear is wrinkle-free, coated with a stain-guard or is a stain-release fabric to camouflage soiling which may occur through contact with food preparations and cooking equipment. While most restaurants are fast, opting for open-air kitchens where customers get full view of the staff in action, the professionalism of their attire is of prime importance. The latest trend is to incorporate color-coordinated, theme attire emblazoned with the restaurant/hotel logo for the entire restaurant staff.

Make sure your restaurant work clothes fit you well as you are dealing with the public and need to look professional.

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