Nurse Uniforms

The nursing profession is fraught with challenges, both physical and emotional. As a healthcare professional as well as a caregiver to patients, the nurse's work clothes must be comfortable and durable, providing physical comfort as well as protection from infection and other hazards of the job. Additionally, the uniform must augment the nurse's professional expertise and convey a feeling of comfort and trust to the patient.

Gone are the days of the traditional starched dress, stockings, shoes and cap all in white for women and white shirts, slacks and shoes for men. Today, nurses' uniforms offer a greater variety and are available in a wide range of styles, fabrics, prints and sizes. Some of the clothing that nurses wear today included items such as: tunics, dresses, tops, pants, skirts, caps, gloves, socks, stocking, and scrubs. In the past, scrubs were usually only seen as integral attire in all operating theatres however today they are a favorite choice of nurses.

Comfortable, durable and flexible, scrubs have replaced the traditional nurse’s uniform at several establishments. The transformation from the conventional white nurse attire to the contemporary scrub reflects the shift from the stiffness of the past to the functionality of present day nursing professional requirements.

It is important that your nurse’s uniform fits you well and is comfortable. It shouldn’t restrict you in any way while performing your duties. Because of the risk of infection, it’s essential that your uniform is cleaned as often as possible, this means you will need to own several uniforms and always have a spare one at work to change in to. A good nurse’s uniform should also have several pockets which allow you to carry work related items in.

Remember that shoes are also an important part of a nurse’s uniform and you should always make sure that your footwear is the right size. A nurse does a lot of walking during a shift and spends most of the day on his or her feet. It is essential that your shoes do not bother or damage your feet in any way. Like the rest of a nurse’s uniform, the work shoes should also be kept clean and in tip top shape.

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