Nurse Scrubs

In the past, medical scrubs were generally only worn by doctors, nurses, anesthetists, and other medical personnel during operational procedures. However, scrubs have replaced the traditional nursing uniform at many types of healthcare establishments and a lot of nurses are now wearing scrubs full time while they are on the job. Scrubs are a favorite of nurses because they are comfortable, durable and flexible. They are also more or less unisex, consisting of a short sleeve shirt and a pair of draw knit or elastic pants.

Gone are the days of the traditional starched dress, stockings, shoes and cap all in white for women and white shirts, slacks and shoes for men. Today, nurse uniforms offer greater variety and are available in a wide range of scrub styles, fabric, prints, colors and sizes. These include clothing items such as tunics, dresses, tops, pants, shirts, hats, and skirts. While some types of nurse scrubs are created from 100 percent cotton for sheer comfort, most scrubs are a 70-30 polyester-cotton blend. However, it must be noted that 100 percent cotton scrubs are usually prone to fading and shrinkage after they are washed. The polyester-cotton blends can take a lot of wear and tear and are generally longer lasting.

Nurses need to look professional and calm while they are working so it is important that their scrubs fit them properly. In addition, because nurses are working in a healthcare environment they should always try to keep their scrubs as clean as possible to cut down on any chance of spreading disease to patients and co-workers. Nurses should always have a clean set of scrubs ready to change into at a moment’s notice. Because nurses often work long shifts, they need to make sure that their scrubs are comfortable and do not hinder their freedom of movement in any way.

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