Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs generally refer to the short sleeve shirts, pants and jackets that are worn in operating theatres by surgeons, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals after they have 'scrubbed in' or disinfected themselves prior to a surgical procedure. Years ago, medical scrubs were generally restricted to operating theatres only. However, the sheer functionality and durability of medical scrubs currently make them a favorite choice of healthcare professionals all over the world. Medical scrubs are now commonly worn by just about anybody who is in the healthcare field, even some office personnel.

With healthcare professionals, discovering that scrubs aid in a more relaxed and trusting relationship with patients, they are fast replacing the traditional white medical uniform as the attire of choice. Today medical scrubs are available in a wide array of colors, fabrics, designs and styles. Many pediatricians wear colorful scrubs and scrubs that have cartoon designs on them to make the children feel more comfortable with a trip to the doctor’s office and hospital. However, several hospitals insist upon a blue color scrub in the operating theatre to check the proliferation of infection to patients.

While some scrubs are created from 100 percent cotton for sheer comfort, most scrubs are a 70:30 polyester-cotton blend. One of the problems with 100 percent cotton scrubs is that they are prone to fading and shrinkage after washing, while polyester-cotton blends can take a lot of wear and tear and are much longer lasting.

If you wear scrubs at work you should try to keep them as clean as possible, to look professional and to help protect yourself and others from contagious diseases. You should have several sets of scrubs so you always have a clean set available. The medical scrubs should also fit you properly so that you are comfortable and your movement isn’t restricted in any way. Your scrubs should also come with several deep pockets as you will need a place to store various instruments and paperwork, etc.

Finally, each hospital has its unique dress code policy. While some hospitals allow staff to choose styles and colors, other hospitals purchase scrubs for employees or issue a dress code.

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