Medical and Nursing

Medical and nursing professionals are at a greater risk of exposure to contagious air and water-borne diseases through patients. Besides, they also come in regular contact with hazardous chemical liquids, gases and dangerous radiation exposure. Hence, it is critical for medical and nursing personnel to be equipped with the appropriate safety measures, especially in terms of their work wear.

Work wear for the medical and nursing fraternity includes a variety of items such as: uniforms, scrubs, nurse’s uniforms, medical scrubs, nurse scrubs, hospital scrubs, doctor scrubs, laboratory coats, caps, shoes, gloves, and masks, for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Medical and nursing work wear is available in male, female and unisex styles. Medical and nursing work wear also comes in a wide range of designs, styles, fabrics and colors.

The work wear is generally worn in medical, nursing, and dental schools, clinics, operation theatres, emergency rooms and beauty salons. Doctors, physicians, veterinarians, nurses, dentists, hair stylists, cosmetologists, therapists and many other professionals also wear this type of clothing as, as critical external protection. Finally, good work wear must combine a professional look with comfort and durability.

Medical and nursing work wear may vary in look and style from country to country, town to town and hospital to hospital. However’ it is all designed to do the same thing, which is to identify you as a medical professional and to give you the protection, freedom and comfort that you require from your clothing while performing your job. Some types of medical and nursing work clothes are more specific and these are worn for certain duties such as performing operations and taking x-rays, etc.

It is important that your clothing fits you properly and is comfortable to wear. You should also keep it as clean as possible and have one or two spare sets to wear. Most medical professionals are on their feet for most of the day, so make sure that your work shoes, especially, fit well and are comfortable.

While many people think of hospitals and clinics when referring to medical and nursing work wear, we must not forget people such as ambulance drivers, paramedics, and home nurses, as these professions also need to wear the proper clothing. Ambulance drivers and paramedics perform their jobs outside a lot of the time, so they also need to wear seasonal work wear.

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