Hospital Scrubs

Hospital scrubs are worn by many people in the medical and nursing sector including: doctors, nurses, orderlies, medical equipment operators, anesthetists, x-ray technicians and sometimes even patients. The quality and features of hospital scrubs differ depending on the work the wearer is supposed to do. Hospital scrubs generally include elastic or draw string pants and a short sleeve, v neck top. Medical scrubs are essentially unisex in style as men and women usually wear the same type of scrubs. In general, the scrubs are designed to be lightweight and fit comfortably.

Hospital scrubs are often made of pre-shrunk cotton and cotton and polyester blends. They are available in solid colors or attractive, fresh prints that bring a cheer to the surroundings. These prints are often aimed at children and it’s not an uncommon sight to see a pediatrician wearing doctor’s scrubs that have cartoon characters or colorful animal designs on them. In some hospitals, the color of the scrubs will indicate what department the worker belongs to. For instance, blue scrubs may signify that the person works in the emergency department of the hospital.

The scrub pants usually have elastic or draw string waists and elastic ankles for comfort and flexibility. The tops are either half or full sleeve with button V-necks. Hospital scrubs may also include a waist-length, long-sleeved jacket with no lapels. The scrubs retain their fit and color even after repeated washes. Perhaps most importantly, they can be sterilized too. The pants and tops have pockets for holding useful items, paperwork and medical tools. It is important that the scrubs fit properly and allow you to move about freely while working. Keeping the scrubs clean is also very important for appearance and health reasons as many contagious diseases can be spread by nurse’s scrubs and doctor’s scrubs.

The scrubs can be worn for work and while sleeping and they do not cause skin irritation or form abrasions, even with prolonged use. The scrubs can be bought individually or in cases from online stores, through the retail shops specializing in such apparel and ordered directly from the manufacturer.

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