Hair Nets

Hair nets and disposable hair nets are worn by many people in the restaurant and food processing industries as well as in the medical and health care sectors. You will often see a hair net on workers such as: chefs, cooks, kitchen workers, personnel working in pharmacies, food processing and packaging plants, etc. Hair nets are basically used for hygienic reasons to prevent stray strands of hair from falling into the product being cooked or manufactured.

They are also often used as a fashion accessory by women who want to keep their hair in place and on some stage and movie sets. In addition, people with very long hair may also wear them while they are welding and working with various types of machinery. Hair nets are worn in these instances to protect the worker from getting his hair caught in any moving parts. In some instances swimmers who have long hair will also wear a hair net or a shower cap to help protect them from having their hair sucked into a swimming pool skimmer. Multiple-use hair nets can be washed, cleaned and worn often, while disposable hair nets are usually discarded after one use.

Most disposable hair nets are dark in color however they are almost invisible as they are made of fine, lightweight, single strand 15-denier nylon. They are secured by an elastic edge that fits snugly around the hair tied up in a bun. Suitable for women and men, a properly designed hair net retains loose strands of hair and prevents them from falling off. Some disposable types of hair nets are made of very thin plasticor polypropylene and are made solid without any mesh holes. These items resemble shower caps.

Hair nets have been in use since at least the 13thcentury and they were originally made out of fine silk. The hair net can be stretched to fit most head/ hair bun sizes. The construction is of a mesh netting type with small aperture sizes like ¼ inch, etc. The mesh allows free movement of air and the nets can be worn throughout the day. They can be ordered online or from the manufacturer in boxes or cases. Most industries order their hair nets in bulk.

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