Doctor Scrubs

It wasn't till the 20th century that doctors began to wear long gowns and aprons to keep them clean and disease free during procedures. These days, scrubs are the uniform of the day for most doctors while they are working out of the office. Doctor scrubs are the clothing worn by doctors and surgeons when they operate on patients. The scrubs need to be made of good quality material, be lightweight and feel very comfortable without hindering movements. Most importantly, the scrubs should be made of a fabric that allows for easy and complete sterilization.

Doctor's scrubs can include clothing items such as: elastic or draw string pants, pull over, short sleeve and long sleeve tops, gowns, cap, and aprons, etc. The scrubs are either disposable or reusable ones that can be washed often, without making them baggy, shoddy or lose color. It’s hard at times, but it’s important that a doctor keep his or her scrubs as clean as possible to help stop the spread of contagious diseases and to convey a professional image. The scrubs should also fit properly as a doctor needs to have free movement and flexibility while operating.

The scrubs are made of cotton or cotton and polyester blends, with elastic wrists and ankles for flexibility. If required, they can also be supplied with embroidered or printed monograms at extra costs. Doctor scrubs are usually solid green, blue or white in color and are available in different sizes for men and women. However, doctor’s scrubs may also come in colorful designs and pediatricians often wear colorful scrubs or scrubs with children’s designs on them. The pants and shirts have pockets for carrying items such as pens, paperwork and medical instruments.

The scrubs can be bought individually and in cases from online stores or through the retail shops specializing in such apparel. They can also be ordered direct from the manufacturer.

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