Disposable or single use apparel and accessories have become quite popular in all types of industries around the world as you can wear them once and just throw them away, in a garbage can or recycling bin of course. There are various types of disposable items that are commonly used such as disposable face masks, disposable latex gloves, disposable aprons, disposable ear plugs, disposable scrubs, disposable coveralls, and disposable shoe covers. Most of these items are used by personnel who are working in areas such as process plants, dusty environments, construction sites, radiation hazard areas, clean rooms, laboratories, hospitals and special assembly areas. In the restaurant industry and other types of food environments you will find people wearing disposable items such as beard covers and hair nets.

Disposable items may not sound too sturdy, but they are very reliable as they can easily stand the rigors of a hard day's work and a hard day's night. Disposable items are comfortable to wear and are made from suitable material that is quite cost effective. Most disposable items such as hair nets, shoe covers, aprons, and disposable work gloves are made by thin plastic, such as polypropylene, while ear plugs are generally made of foam that expands in your ears.

Most disposable items such as hair nets, beard covers, doctor's gloves, and face masks are used for hygienic and health reasons while some of the other items such as disposable shoe covers and disposable ear plugs are usually discarded after one use as they won't be effective anymore. Disposable items are sold in sealed packages and there is no risk of contamination due to handling or in the cleaning process. Since they do not have to be washed, there is no risk of dangerous radiation, neither is there a threat of infection, nor of chemical residues that may be retained due to improper washing and cleaning procedures.

Most industries buy these products in bulk. They are easy to us and they also save you money on cleaning bills, however the main reason they are used is because of the health reasons. While many types of workers wear these items daily, visitors to some industrial sites also have to wear them when they are on the site. People who are visiting places such as clean rooms, factories and foundries often wear items such as ear plugs, shoe covers and facemasks. Visitors to restaurant kitchens and food processing plants are generally asked to wear hair nets and beard covers.

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