Disposable Dust Masks

Disposable dust masks are generally worn in areas where there are non-toxic and non-radioactive dust particles present in the air. These masks are designed to cover the nose and mouth snugly, so that the air is filtered through them before it is inhaled. They should not hinder your breathing and speaking in any way and people who are wearing a disposable dust mask for the first time need to first test it to see that their breathing is normal. These masks are used in many types of dusty manufacturing areas such as: light sandblasting, foundry shops, grinding, sweeping, cutting, machining, polishing, sanding, underground mining, construction sites, light painting work, cement work, and clean lab rooms, etc.

Many people confuse dust masks with surgical masks, but while surgical masks may slightly filter the air being breathed in by a doctor, they are basically designed to keep the doctor from breathing germs out into a sterile environment and reducing the chance of infection from spreading. However, dusk masks are basically filters for your mouth and nose and people who suffer from pollen allergies and even normal commuters in polluted streets could benefit from wearing dust masks as they are able to filter the dirt out of the air up to a point.

There are some types of high-tech dust masks that are worn over and over again however it's more common to use a disposable type of dust mask. Dust masks have a contour construction and are designed to fit most faces. They can be tied around the back of the head with drawstrings to give you a firm fit or they have elastic loops that fit around the ears. They are designed to fully cover the nose and face. They are available in different colors and can be purchased by the box or in bulk.

Many types of disposable dust masks have metal nosepieces that adjust to accommodate different facial sizes and face shapes. The masks are also designed to fits comfortably with eyewear and safety eye protection. You must realize that most types of disposable dust masks are not NIOSH Approved and they will not protect you from toxic and hazardous dusts.

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