Chef Shirts

The stifling heat that is present in most restaurant kitchens often makes it necessary for chefs to wear clothing that can absorb the sweat trickling down their bodies. In addition, the chef's shirts must camouflage any type of food stains that are caused by spills and other hazards in the kitchen. This makes the chef shirt an important article of work wear in the chef's uniform

While in the past, chef shirts were primarily made out of pure, white cotton, today chef shirts are typically wrinkle-free and are available in a wide array of styles, colors, fabrics, sizes and designs. In addition, because of many chefs' desire for individual expression, the current trends in chef shirts include shirts in denim material, bright colors and vibrant patterns such as: checks, stripes, chili peppers, fruits, fish, salt and pepper shakers, and other culinary delights. Chef shirts come in a variety of styles for comfort and flare today and it seems that just about any type of shirt is acceptable as long as it is well made and fits you properly. Some types of shirts that you may find a chef wearing include: collared, collarless, scoop neck, v-neck, crew neck, bistro, polo shirts, long-sleeved and short sleeved.

Most chef shirts are featured with additional facilities such as pockets for thermometers and other kitchen accessories, or breast pockets and underarm vents, which come in very handy in a chef's daily routine. Cotton-polyester blend chef shirts are wrinkle-free and are preferable. These shirts can also be coated with a stain-release fabric which is designed to hide any stains that may occur through contact with food and cooking equipment.

A chef's shirt should fit you well for comfort and for presentation as you will often be seen by the public. You may want to wear a chef jacket or an apron over your shirt while working to try and keep it clean. If you do wear a covering over your shirt there's a good chance you will feel the heat of the kitchen, so it's a good idea to wear a lightweight and breathable type of chef shirt. You should always have a spare chef shirt at work just in case of an accident or spill, etc.

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