Chef Coats

Chef coats or chef jackets are worn to enhance the chef's professional image and are an important element of a chef's overall attire. Today's chef coats are generally wrinkle-free and available in a wide array of styles, colors, fabrics, sizes and designs. The latest trend in modern chef coats is more of an outlet of the chef's desire for individual expression. They include jackets in denim material, bright colors and vibrant patterns such as chili peppers, fruits, flowers and other culinary delights. You will however, still see many chefs who love to wear the traditional white chef uniform.

A chef's coat is designed to make him or her look and it is also worn to protect the chef's clothing underneath from becoming covered in stains. A chef's coat is generally a double breasted model and can usually be easily reversed to hide any of these unsightly food stains from public view. The double-layered cotton coat also serves to protect the chef from heat emanating from the stove and other scalding liquid splashes. The chef's coats generally feature knotted cloth buttons that withstand a rigorous working environment and frequent washing.

Thermometer pockets, breast pockets and underarm vents are a standard feature in most chef coats. Women's chef jackets have taken into consideration the feminine form and most of ladies jackets have a tapered waist and a flared hip design. Specialty coats are also available for sushi chefs, barbeque chefs and many other types of chefs.

Most chefs find that they are very busy in the kitchen and are often reaching into cupboards and shelves, cutting and slicing, and stirring sauces, etc. Because of this you need to make sure that your chef's coat fits you properly and allows you the movement required to perform your duties. Kitchens can often be hot and steamy places and if you don't want to feel the same way then make sure that your chef coat is lightweight and breathable. It's hard not to get dirty while working in a busy kitchen so it's a good idea that you always have a spare coat with you at work.

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