Cheap Scrubs

Medical, doctor’s, nurse’s and hospital scrubs generally refer to the short sleeve shirts, elastic waist or draw string pants, caps, and jackets that are worn in surgical operation theatres. These scrubs used to be worn in operating theatres only, however the functionality and durability of scrubs has now made them a favorite choice of other types of healthcare professionals around the world such as orderlies, x-ray technicians, anesthetists, attendants and caregivers. Scrubs are available in a variety of materials, qualities and price ranges; however, they can generally be purchased at low cost directly from the manufacturer.

Scrubs are available in a wide assortment of sizes and also come in several different colors. You can buy custom medical scrubs with colorful, designs, patterns, cartoon characters, and monograms on them. These are often worn by pediatricians to help keep their young patients relaxed and calm. The scrubs should be lightweight to keep you cool and comfortable while working. They should also fit you well so they don’t hinder your range of motion in any way. There should also be large pockets in the pants and the shirts that allow you to carry medical instruments, pens, paperwork, etc. in. It’s hard to keep doctor’s scrubs clean while working, and you can usually order disposable sets.

Medical and healthcare institutions usually purchase sets of scrubs in bulk, in return they get wholesale rates which usually greatly are reduced or discounted. Cheap scrubs, which are also known as discount scrubs, that are sold in bulk are sometimes made from inexpensive fabric compared to normal scrubs and are generally sold at throwaway prices. These hospital scrubs are often worn as causal wear too and can sometimes be bought online and even at garage sales.

In case you make purchases online, you can expect to pay around $19.95 for a six-pocket unisex, tie-waist scrub set, which would normally sell for $ 29.99. And, at clearance sales, second sales and end of season stock sales, you are sure to find good and not-so-good quality scrubs at very reasonable rates.

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