Beard Covers

Most chefs and cooks who have beards will protect them while cooking in the kitchen by wearing disposable beard covers. These beard covers are actually worn to protect the customers though as they are designed to prevent any stray hair from falling into the food. Many people who work in food processing and meat packaging plants also use beard covers as a part of their daily work wear, and surgeons also wear them while they are performing operations. These types of beard covers should not be confused with a cosmetic beard cover which is a foundation of makeup that is designed to neutralize or cover the shadow of a beard on females.

The beard covers are usually made of polypropylene or spun bonded polypropylene. They come in different sizes and in different weights and have elastic ends that fit around the ears softly without biting into them. The standard color of beard covers is white, but they are also available in a variety of colors such as blue, and green, etc.

Some types of beard covers can be washed and sterilized often without any problems, while many types of beard covers are disposable and are discarded after one use. Many disposable beard covers are made of clear plastic, with no coloring. They are available in single and double loop styles. Beard covers are sold in different sizes such as 15 inches, 18 inches, etc. and they are also categorized as per their weight in grams per square meter. They can be ordered in boxes and cases and most industries will buy them in bulk shipments

Beard covers should be light weight to keep you cool and comfortable while wearing them. These items are also rigorously tested and most of them are classified in cleanliness categories. If a beard cover is worn over your mouth and it is up to standards then it may also double as a respiratory mask, disposable dust mask or a mouth protector in clean environments. Beard covers are a vital piece of work wear for men and a properly fitting beard cover will go a long way in ensuring hygiene.

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