Wrist Supports

Wrist supports are items of protective gear that are designed to help reduce any swelling in the wrist joint and to restrict excessive and harmful movements of the wrist. People suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, strained wrists and wrist injuries often use them while they are working. Athletes such as weight lifters and tennis players, also use wrist supports while they are in competition. Some types of wrist supports that are used by weight lifters, javelin and discus throwers often have special supports in them that stabilize the wrist joint, as well as the muscles and ligaments.

There are different types of wrist supports available. Some types provide thumb support as they feature a neoprene sheath that holds the thumb apart from the hand. Wrist supports not only provide uniform support and compression to the wrist, but also to the forearm and to the palms. Your wrist support must fit you properly and it should also be secured properly for it to help you.

Wrist supports are generally lightweight and made of out of breathable layers that do not cause undue discomfort to the user. The interior is made of soft material that does not cause skin abrasions, while the middle of the support features suitable padding and reinforcements to provide support to the muscles. The outside layer is usually made out of moisture and abrasion-resistant neoprene.

Some types of wrist supports are portable devices that are designed to sit on your desk while you are working. These supports are generally made out of foam and you place your wrist in the support while you are working on a computer. These devices are often used by people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Magnetic wrist supports are also common with men and women as they use powerful magnets to help ease the pain.

As with any type of medical injury, you should have a wrist injury diagnosed by a medical professional before you wear any type of support as you may do more harm to your wrist than good. A doctor will advise you on what specific type of wrist support or wrist braceyou should be using for your specific injury.

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