Work Gloves

Work gloves are essentially worn to protect you from the numerous hazards and dangers of your specific job. This could include things such as cuts, scrapes, the cold, dampness, contamination, burns and other types of work related abrasions. Additionally, the worker should be in safe and precautionary working conditions to avoid any severe injuries. Work gloves may not always ensure total safety, but a correct selection of these gloves can help to prevent any unnecessary injury in the event of an accident.

Some types of work gloves are also built for comfort as they are cushioned on the inside, and other types of work gloves are made to give you a better grip when you are using things such as hand tools. Some work gloves may be a part of a work uniform, such as a chauffeur's, however most gloves are worn as safety gear or as functional work wear.

Always make sure that the gloves you choose fit you well and make you feel comfortable while working. They should always keep your hands dry and they shouldn't make them too hot or sweaty, even if you are wearing the gloves to keep warm while working in the cold. It is also important that you have the mobility needed in your fingers and hands to perform your job, so make sure the gloves aren't too tight or stiff. Also, check that they satisfy your safety purposes and have an adequate rating to protect you against any work hazards that you may face. Work gloves are made out of various types of materials such as leather, latex, vinyl, Kevlar, rubber, nylon, wool, cotton and fire retardant materials.

Work gloves are used in many types of industrial and non industrial sectors around the world such as automotive and garage work, carpentry, masonry, chemical handling, warehouse work, manufacturing, assembly, welding, shipping and storage, logging, farming, cooking, medical and nursing, machining, grinding, and many more. Work gloves are also often used by people who are working around the garden, house and cottage, etc.

Typical types of work gloves that are available are cotton gloves, chemical gloves, latex gloves, latex examination gloves, latex surgical gloves, mechanics gloves, and neoprene gloves. Work gloves are also available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs for men and women. Some types of gloves can be washed and worn over and over again while other types of gloves such as latex disposable gloves may be disposables.

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