Waist Aprons

Waist aprons are basically half-aprons that start from the waist and cover down to your knees. These items of outerwear are generally fastened with either string or Velcro ties. The aprons are available in unisex and reversible options and are ideal to be used as work wear for waiters and waitresses working in restaurants, bars and cafés, etc. for whom upper body protection is not essential. If you do need upper body protection from an apron then it is recommended that you use a bib apron as they cover you from the neckline down to the knees.

The main objective of a waist apron is to protect your clothes or work clothes from becoming covered with dirt, stains, liquid, food, dust, and soil, etc. Although waist aprons are very common at home and in the restaurant business they are also used as work wear in other types of work environments. Some of these include the medical field, laboratories, carpentry, and various types of factory jobs such as grinding, welding, machining, and sanding etc.

Waist aprons come in short, medium and long lengths and are also available in varied styles such as cobbler, u-shape, square and oval. Today, most waist aprons are made out of wrinkle-free, stain-resistant fabrics. They usually come with several options such as no pockets, one to four pockets and pen sleeves. Waist aprons also come in one-size-fits-all adjustable, extra-long front and back waist ties.

While cotton, polyester and linen blends are the most popular apron fabric selections with wearers, aprons can also made out of canvas, leather, plastic, lead and rubber. The lead aprons are worn by x-ray technicians and their patients to ward off radiation and rubber aprons are often worn by people who work with liquids as they are water repellent. Dishwashers and laboratory workers who deal with chemicals will often wear rubber aprons. Though waist aprons are available in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, and materials, restaurants and hotels will often customize waist aprons for their staff with logos and tag lines that are printed or embroidered on them, thus enhancing their brand identity.

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