Vinyl Exam Gloves

Vinyl exam gloves are made out of poly vinyl chloride and they are commonly used by doctors all over the world. You may often find other types of workers also wearing these work gloves such as lab technicians, IC assembly manufacturers, clean room workers, and other people who need to work in a contamination free or sterile area. Unlike latex, vinyl does not cause any allergies or shock, and they can be safely worn without causing any harm to the wearer and the patient. This is one of the main reasons that vinyl exam gloves are used in the medical sector.

These gloves are generally made from thin 5 millimeter gauge material. Because the gloves are so thin, they basically fit over your hands like a second skin. This allows the wearer to retain a high level of dexterity in their fingers and hands. It makes it easier to handle and pick up items such as delicate medical instruments and to feel a patient's pulse. The gloves can be ordered sterilized or auto calved and can also be used by surgeons for wear during surgical operations.

Vinyl exam gloves come in powdered and powder free versions and they do not have an offensive odor to them. The powdered gloves are designed to slip on and off of your hands with more ease than non powdered gloves. They do not absorb moisture or allow it to permeate inside of the gloves. The gloves can be cleaned with water and soap. However, sterile exam gloves should be properly disposed of after they are worn once. If you are wearing the gloves for general purposes, you may be able to wear them a few times. With beaded cuffs, the gloves are designed to fit snugly around the hand and the wrist. Vinyl gloves are made by reputed companies and comply with the standards set by FDA, ASTM D 5250-92 and 1000ml Water Leak Test.

Because these work gloves are very thin and versatile they are often worn by people at home and in other types of industries while performing various tasks. The gloves are also available in various thickness, lengths and sizes for men and women.

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