There are a few different types of vests available and they are often worn as work clothes by many people who work outdoors for a living. There are functional vests that are worn as outerwear and fashionable vests that are worn as garments as a part of a uniform. Outerwear work vests are designed to provide you with the warmth of a jacket or a coat while keeping the hands and upper torso movements unrestricted. Most vests are sleeveless or they may have very short sleeves on them. A vest is designed to fit under your coat and over your work shirt, sweater, blouse, etc. However, many people will just wear a vest without a coat over top of it, especially if they get too warm while working with a coat on.

You will often see construction workers wearing vests as they keep the men and women warm while working and they also offer them excellent freedom of movement. There are also specialty vests available such as water repellent and bullet proof vests.

Vests are designed for easy fit and comfortable wear in all sorts of climates and work environments. They can be used as daylong work wear by people who work indoors in cool climates, outdoors in cool climates and as formal and casual wear. When vests are worn as formal or casual work wear they are usually worn by people such as waiters, waitresses, and casino workers, etc. These people need to make sure that their vest fits them well and is kept clean as they are working in public areas.

Like coats and jackets, vests are made of a wide variety of materials such as: cotton, wool, cotton and polyester blend, denim, and leather, etc. Many vests are available with a warm lining for working in cold weather. Vests also come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles.

Vests made that are made from fabrics can be machine-washed. Some vests are micro-sanded or sand washed for a smooth feel. The front wind flap is usually closed with buttons or a zipper and a Velcro closure may be provided to keep out the cold. The main seams are double stitched. Two large front pockets and a rib-knit collar along with the traditional collar are usually provided.

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