Uniforms are used as everyday work wear and as casual wear by men and women and boys and girls of all ages throughout the world. This includes a wide variety of jobs, organized clubs, sports teams, and educational facilities and includes such fields and people as schoolchildren, industrial workers, the military, police staff, office workers, nurses, doctors, hospital staff, maintenance crews, club members, boy scouts, girl guides, firefighters, transportation staff such as airline workers, pilots, bus drivers, railway engineers, delivery drivers, special event staff, retail workers, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, chefs, cooks, and prisoners, etc. Uniforms are available in all sizes for men, women, and children and are also available in unisex varieties.

There are many items of clothing that can make up a uniform such as tops, pants, shorts, vests, skirts, shoes, coveralls, boots, gloves, belts, t-shirts, scrubs, etc. This dress wear is made out of a wide assortment of materials such as: cotton, cotton and polyester blends, Tyvek, Nomex, denim, suede, leather, nylon, rubber, and plastic, etc. Shoes, boots, jackets, belts, and gloves are often made of top quality leather such as lambskin, and cowhide, etc. Uniforms also come in many different colors and designs.

Many types of uniforms are functional as they are worn by outdoor workers. These uniforms are designed to keep the worker protected from various elements such as snow, wind, rain and sleet, etc. A uniform that is made for outdoor use is generally referred to as outerwear and it must be able to withstand the rigors it will face therefore it will be constructed specifically for a certain condition. This is why many work clothes are water repellent to fend off the rain, and are made with extra lining for extreme cold temperatures and winds. When it is very hot out, shorts and t-shirts are often worn.

Some types of uniforms are more or less worn as items of recognition or rank. Airline pilots wear uniforms and people who work in large retail stores also usually wear uniforms so people know who they are.

There are many companies and sewing contractors that offer ready to wear uniforms and custom uniforms to meet your needs.

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