Uniform Scrubs

You will often see most medical personnel and various other people who work in the health care industry wearing scrubs. Sometimes patients who are undergoing rehabilitation, surgery or treatment, will also wear them. Scrubs are basically made up of work wear items such as: pants, tops and gowns. In a way, scrubs have become the unofficial uniform of the medical profession. Scrubs were originally just worn in the operating room by doctors, nurses and health staff who had just scrubbed themselves clean before performing surgery.

Medical scrubs are generally made of pre shrunk cotton and blends of cotton and polyester. They are available in various solid colors and attractive prints. However, most scrubs are green or blue. Scrubs that come in designs with cartoon characters and colorful animals on them are often worn by pediatricians as a way to keep their young patients calm and unafraid of hospital visits. Hospital and organizational logos and other monograms can also be printed or embroidered on a set of scrubs.

There are various types of scrubs available such as nurse scrubs, doctor scrubs, and hospital scrubs as these work clothes are worn by many people in the medical and nursing sector including: doctors, nurses, orderlies, medical equipment operators, anesthetists, and x-ray technicians. The quality and features of hospital scrubs will often differ depending on the work the wearer is supposed to do. Sometimes the color of the scrubs will signify which hospital department the wearer belongs to. For example, blue scrubs may signify that the person works in the emergency department of the hospital.

Hospital scrubs generally include elastic or draw string pants and a short sleeve, v neck top. Medical scrubs are essentially unisex in style as men and women usually wear the same type of scrubs. In general, the scrubs are designed to be lightweight and fit comfortably. They should fit you properly so you look professional and so they also allow you a free range of motion while working. Keeping the scrubs clean is also very important for appearance and health reasons as many contagious diseases can be spread by nurse's scrubs and doctor's scrubs.

Scrubs are usually bought in bulk by medical establishments and they are generally bought in reusable and washable styles along with disposable sets.

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