Tyvek Coveralls

Tyvek is a synthetic, spun-bonded, high-density, polyethylene fiber that was created by the Du Pont Company and first produced for commercial use in 1967. Tyvek is an ideal material for work coveralls as it combines all of the characteristics of paper, film and fabric in one material. The balance of these different properties makes Tyvek lightweight, strong. It is also vapor-permeable, yet water, chemical, puncture, tear and abrasion resistant material. It is also low-linting, smooth and opaque.

Like most other types of coveralls, Tyvek coveralls are articles of outerwear clothing that are designed to protect your clothes or work clothes along with your skin. Coveralls that are made out of Tyvek are used as a protection barrier against various hazards such as oil splashes, abrasions and dry air particle matters such as asbestos, lead paint, and lead dust, radioactive dust, etc. Personnel who generally wear Tyvek coveralls as every day items of work wear include people in various industrial applications, garages, assembly shops, maintenance workers, paint shops and asbestos manufacturing industries.

Optional elastic bands which are stitched at the wrists and the ankles of the coveralls ensure that dust and other small particles in the air are kept out of the work wear . When worn with work gloves , a facemask, a hood and anti-skid footwear , personnel can work safely. These coveralls are rugged and can withstand rough use. They will not stretch or tear after kneeling, bending and stretching and they can be machine-washed however you can also get disposable coveralls that are made out of Tyvek. You must make sure that the coveralls fit you properly though, because if they are too tight they will restrict your range of movement and flexibility which will be a hindrance to you when you are attempting to perform your duties.

Tyvek coveralls are available in assorted colors, sizes and designs for men and women. Tyvek material allows for the printing, embossing and painting of logos, names, monograms, slogans and messages on it. The apparel is lightweight and quite comfortable to wear with good breathing levels. Quality coveralls comply with safety standards like ANSI/ISEA 101-1993.

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