Steel Toe Shoes

Steel toe shoes are the work shoes of choice for people in many types of industries. This includes work environments such as police forces, the military, manufacturing, farming, logging, construction, shipping, assembly, and transportation, etc. In fact, steel toe shoes can be worn in just about any type of industrial job as they are ideal items of safety gear. In some types of jobs, steel toe shoes or steel toe boots are mandatory pieces of the work uniform. Steel toe shoes have become so popular and functional that they are often worn as casual footwear by people around the globe.

Steel toe shoes are designed to protect people's feet from various types of work hazards and dangers. These usually include heavy objects that may fall on your feet while working. These items could include things such as falling tools, trees, pieces of metal, and bricks, etc. These shoes must comply with the ANSI Z41 PT 99 standard for safety wear and the steel toes have to be able to withstand a compressive load of up to 1000 pounds without buckling. The shoes are typically ankle high and can be worn comfortably throughout the day.

The steel toes are built into the shoes and protect the tops of your feet, but steel toe shoes should also protect the bottom of your feet too. The soles of the steel toe footwear also need to be strong and durable and have to provide you with good traction. An anti-skid, lightweight, polyurethane outsole that resists chemicals like fuel and oil, abrasion and heat exposure is integrated with the shoe. An internal, padded cushion insole absorbs shock and impact. Steel toe shoes are available in an assortment of models, sizes, styles and colors for men and women. They can be bought from online stores and from retailers. They are generally available with front tie up laces or Velcro fasteners.

Make sure that your steel toe shoes are comfortable and fit your properly. They shouldn't cause you any pain or foot irritation while you are wearing them and working in them. You also need to make sure that steel toe shoes give you adequate foot protection if you are wearing them as safety gear. For some types of jobs you may need to wear steel toe boots for the right amount of protection.

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