Steel Toe Footwear

Steel toe footwear is specially made footwear that has a steel cap built on to the toes. This type of footwear is generally worn as a form of safety gearas the steel toes are designed to protect the feet from any injury. Steel toe footwear was originally designed as work wear for various types of indoor and outdoor workers such as industry workers, miners, construction workers, the military and police personnel. However, these days steel toes are commonly found on a variety of men's and women's casual footwear. Hikers and people who enjoy the outdoors also often wear steel toe footwear.

Steel toe footwear generally comes as either steel toe shoes or steel toe boots that are designed as work boots and work shoes. However you can find many types of footwear that have steel toes such as running shoes and motorcycle boots.

Steel toe footwear is generally made out of good quality, tough leather such as cowhide. However some kinds of steel toe footwear are made out of other types of material such as rubber. If steel toe footwear is being worn as safety gear it should be very rugged, durable, and comfortable. The steel toes are firmly fixed inside of the footwear as it is being made. Steel toe footwear needs to comply with ANSI Z41 PT 99 standard for safety wear as the steel toe shoes and steel toe boot shave to be able to withstand a compressive load of up to 1000 pounds.

Many workplaces will make steel toe footwear a mandatory article of clothing or work uniform. This is very common in work environments that are hazardous and that deal in heave objects which could possibly fall on somebody's feet. In the case of mandatory steel toe footwear, many trade unions will specify in their contracts that the employer has to pay for a part or all of the employee's steel toe footwear Steel toe footwear is available in a variety of models, sizes, styles and colors for both men and women and can be bought from online stores and from retailers. Like all other types of footwear, your steel toe boots and steel toe shoes should fit you properly so they don't cause you any pain and discomfort.

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