Steel Toe Boots

Steel toe boots are articles of steel toe footwear that come in ankle, calf and knee-high styles. This type of footwear is commonly worn by workers of many types of industries and is generally worn as a form of safety gear. These boots are often mandatory articles of clothing in many work environments and may also be a part of a work uniform. Steel toe boots are designed to offer you excellent foot protection against various types of work hazards and dangers such as: falling objects, sharp stones, tools, and accidental falls on slippery surfaces.

The work boots are also made to offer protection against non-corrosive chemical spills. Steel toe boots are often worn by many types of workers including loggers, industrial workers, military and police personnel, farmers, and construction workers. Steel toe boots are also very popular with hikers and people who like to spend a lot of time in the outdoors.

Besides protecting the toes and upper feet area, the boots also help to keep the feet warm and dry. Most work boots are made out of durable leather with tough rubber soles however some types of steel toe boots may be made out of rubber. New materials such as Gore-Tex and Insulate act as a membrane that allows the perspiration to go out, but they do not allow outside moisture to come in. If you are working outside in the cold, it is recommended that you wear a pair of insulated steel toe boots to help keep your feet warm.

The boots should also protect the bottom of your feet and most styles of steel toe boots have anti-skid, lightweight, polyurethane outsoles sole that are made to resist chemicals such as fuel and oil, abrasion and heat exposure. A steel shank guards against puncture and an internal padded cushion insole helps to absorb shocks and impact.

Steel toe boots are an essential item of work wear and they should fit you properly so they don't cause you any pain and irritation. The boots also need to be flexible in the upper area so you can perform your job without any restriction of movement. Steel toe boots are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors for both men and women. Steel toe footwearis available from online stores and from retailers.

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