Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are an important item of eye protection as they are designed to protect your eyes from the hazards and dangers of the work place. Safety goggles are used as protective equipment and safety gear by men and women in a wide variety of industrial environments. People who work in manufacturing industries, machine shops, grinding, machining, welding, assembly, laser cutting, carpentry, construction, and maintenance should all wear safety goggles to protect their eyes. People who work in dusty areas with airborne dust particles, such as sand blasting, should also wear safety goggles while working.

Most types of safety goggles are made out of transparent, high impact, molded polycarbonate material. The goggles ensure proper sealing at the bridge of the nose, and the eye brows and the soft frame fits snugly around the face. The glasses are coated with anti-fog coating and have suitable ventilation slots for air circulation to remove internal fogging. The internal side may be coated with acetate for enhanced anti-fogging. The lenses should also be scratch resistant and shatterproof for extra vision and eye protection.

Safety goggles should allow workers a clear and unimpeded view of their surroundings. Suitable covers at the sides or molding ensure that any flying particles such as chips, burrs and dirt do not hit the eye from the sides. The glasses should fit you well and not pinch your face or impair your breathing. Most types of safety goggles are designed to fit over a pair of eye glasses and you may also be able to have prescription safety goggles made for your specific eyesight. Some goggles may also come with slightly tinted lenses.

Welding applications require special, dark-tinted glasses, which only allow limited amounts of light produced during welding. You can buy special welding glassesfor this purpose. An elastic or neoprene strap is fitted on the goggles so you can adjust their fit. Neoprene straps are used in pharmaceuticals and food processing where chemicals and bacteria should not be absorbed.

Make sure that you keep your safety goggles as clean as possible so you can see out of them clearly while you are working and doing odd jobs around the house.

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