Restaurant Aprons

Restaurant aprons are multi-functional articles of outerwear that are worn by waiters and waitresses in restaurants and other types of food establishments. These aprons also include bar aprons that are worn by bartenders along with chef aprons, barbecue aprons, and cook aprons. A restaurant apron is an essential item of work wear in the restaurant industry. Since some restaurants are opting for open-air kitchens where customers get a full view of the food preparation in progress, wearing a restaurant apron is a good way to show customers that the kitchen is clean. Hence, it is necessary for the restaurant to accentuate the professionalism of its staff through their attire. Because most restaurant staff are dealing with the public it's a good idea that they are always wearing a clean apron, even if it means changing them two or three times during a work shift.

The main function of a restaurant apron is to protect the wearer's work clothes from becoming dirty, stained, and soiled from the hazards of the job. When dealing with food and drinks it's quite easy to get things such as sauces, dressings, soups, drinks, and other types of liquids spilled on your work wear.

Most restaurants have a full supply of both bib aprons and waist aprons. Bib aprons are full length versions that protect your body from the neckline down to the knees, while waist aprons are worn from the waist down to the knees. The restaurant aprons that are worn by servers generally come equipped with manifold pockets to assist the wearer in efficiently executing their duties. From a large pocket to hold a notepad, to several smaller zipped and open pockets to hold charge slips, wine openers, coins, pens, coupons and promotional literature, etc.

Most restaurant aprons are wrinkle-free and are made out of stain resistant and water resistant fabric in cotton, polyester and linen blends. By printing or embroidering the company or restaurant logo and tagline on the apron, restaurants and corporations can benefit by enhancing their brand identity and marketing methods. Restaurant aprons are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, styles and sizes.

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