Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment is an essential part of just about any type of industrial job. Protective equipment is used by all types of workers such as: manufacturing workers, transportation workers, medical workers, maintenance workers, miners, agricultural workers, painters, construction crews, sportsmen, scientists, cooks, etc. The equipment is categorized into specific areas of safety gear such as: protective footwear, hand protection, respiratory protection, ear protection, eye protection, noise control, head protection, knee support, back supports, body armor, chemical protection, and protection against light and heavy firearms, etc.

There are many types of protective devices that fall under the category of protective equipment such as include: helmets, hard hats, protective gloves, safety harnesses, safety glasses, ear plugs, welding clothing, welding masks, welding helmets, welding gloves, face shields, steel toe shoes, steel toe boots, knee pads, bulletproof vests, dust masks, chemical suits, chemical gloves, elbow guards, groin guards, and shin guards, etc. The protective equipment is used to protect various body parts of men and women from injuries such as burns, cuts and abrasions and is also used to prevent bacteria and body secretions from contaminating: sensitive chemical processes, chip assembly areas, food processing, pharmaceutical applications, etc.

You need to make sure that the safety gear you are using is in proper working condition, fits you properly, and had passed all government regulations regarding it. It is also essential that you use the type of protective equipment that is designed for your specific job. If you are working with hazardous materials and chemicals, then make sure the protective equipment is designed exactly for this job. Some types of protective equipment may be mandatory on specific jobs. Protective equipment should also be worn when you are working on hazardous jobs at home and at the cottage etc.

Protective equipment is available in many sizes, colors, materials and styles. Sportsmen require specially designed equipment depending on the sport they play and the main requirement, other than protection, is that the devices should be comfortable and not restrict your body movement in any way, as this would hamper performance. Accordingly, different equipment is available for sports such as boxing, skiing, baseball, football, etc.

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