Overalls are commonly used as outerwear and work wear as a protective shield against things such as grease, dust, paint, mud, dirt and light splashes, etc. Many people in industrial environments will wear overalls as a part of their every day work wear or work uniform. Some of the people who regularly wear overalls at work include workshop personnel, carpenters, farmers, maintenance workers, painters, plasterers, railroad engineers, and electrical workers. They are also used as uniforms by government agencies and security organizations.

There are different types of overalls such as the bib and brace type, boiler suits and military overalls. You may find that in different areas of the world that the term overalls may refer to a slightly different article of clothing. In North America, a pair of overalls is a one piece article of clothing. However they differ from coveralls,as coveralls are worn over top of your regular clothing or work clothes and overalls are not worn over top of anything else, other than perhaps a pair of long underwear and a shirt. When workers are outside in the heat, they often take their shirts off and just wear the overalls.

In addition, coveralls are basically a pair of pants and a shirt that are made into one item, whereas overalls cover your chest but do not extend over and cover your arms. A boiler suit is a one-piece outfit with long sleeves, which looks like a jump suit. Military overalls are very similar to boiler suits. They come in all colors from white, navy to army green. Sometimes military overalls have elastic cuffs. There are many riveted pockets and they have a zippered front.

Most overalls are very durable as they are made out of bull denim and they have riveted pockets. Bib overalls have a front patch of cloth that covers the chest (just like a baby's bib) and have braces or suspenders. They are also called dungarees in some parts of the world and in the 1970s they became very popular items of casual wear and fashion apparel for a few years.

Overalls are still in use and popular today, but generally as work wear. They are available in many sizes and a few colors however blues is still the most common.

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