Nursing Clogs

Durable, comfortable, and strong nursing clogs are ideal footwear for nurses and other medical professionals whose work involves long hours on their feet. Nursing clogs are available in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and designs for men and women. Examples of nursing clogs are closed-back and open-back models, with either rubber or wood soles. Clogs are lace less and strap less shoes that are designed to slip on and off of your feet with relative ease. They may be a part of your nurse uniform or they may be worn on their own.

Originally, clogs were made totally out of wood however other materials are often used in their construction today. Since the bottoms of clogs are created from rubber or wood, they can provide your legs with comfortable support and serve as a firm foundation for weak and fallen arches, as well as for work-worn aching legs. Even though wooden bottoms on clogs offer greater support for your feet, a rubber bottom is advisable if you have tender feet or suffer from knee problems as rubber bottoms are designed to provide more cushioning to your feet.

Your choice of closed-back or open-back clogs really depends upon your taste of fashion and design. However, if you have a high instep or wide feet, then open-back models of nursing clogs are preferable. Slip-resistance and other safety features must be a major consideration while making a decision to purchase nursing clogs. Hospital floors are often wet or moist and it's important that your work shoes are designed to provide you with the proper traction that you need. The soles of the shoes should be flexible, washable and strong, with an excellent gripping quality. In addition, the insoles must be well cushioned to absorb any jolts that may occur when walking on hard surfaces.

Like all other types of shoes, nursing clogs must fit you properly and be comfortable on your feet while you are working. They should be easy to slip in and out of, but they shouldn't slip off of your heels while you are walking. Make sure that your clogs don't cause your feet pain in any way. If you take care of your nursing clogs and keep them clean they will last longer than a neglected pair.

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