Nomex Coveralls

Nomex coveralls are made of the highly flame-retardant Nomex material. The Du Pont Company invented Nomex and the material is also used in electrical insulation and in industrial filters. Nomex is an aramid fiber that is highly flame. Because of its flame proof and chemical resistant properties, fire fighters and personnel from the military, scientific laboratories, petrochemical companies, use coveralls that are made from Nomex as their every day work wear. Automobile racing drivers, flight crews, and racing team crews also wear Nomex coveralls as outerwear to protect them from the intense gasoline flames, in the event of an accident. A hood that sits over the face mask provides full body protection; gloves and fire retardant boots provide total protection.

Along with Nomex, certain percentages of Kevlar and other fibers are used for static dissipation. Nomex are very strong and durable coveralls as they will not tear, break open, melt, burn, and drip when exposed to intense heat or non-corrosive fluids and gases. Apparel made by reputed brands complies with safety standards like: NFPA A-70E and ASTM. You can also get Nomex insulated coveralls that are also water repellent.

While most other types of coveralls are designed to protect your clothes from dirt, liquid and stains, etc., Nomex coveralls are designed to protect you and your clothes from burning while you are either working or performing hazardous tasks around the house, cottage or garage.

Non-sparking wrists and ankles, with elastic bands, are built in the coveralls to ensure that no sparking occurs. Nomex coveralls are comfortable to wear and the fabric weighs about 4.5 ounces per square yard. Make sure that the coveralls fit loosely over your regular clothes or work clothes and they are easy to put on and take off. They should also be relatively loose so they do not restrict your movement in anyway while you are wearing them. Nomex coveralls are washable and can be worn many times. They are available in a variety of styles, colors and designs for men and women. You can customize the coveralls by embroidering a company logo, a person's name or monogram on them.

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