Nitrile Gloves

Doctors, dentists and other types of health professionals often use gloves that are made out of Nitrile rubber while they are treating their patients. In addition, some workers in other types of industries use these gloves to protect their hands from possible damage due to chemical splashes, pesticides, grease and infection, etc. Nitrile rubber is a synthetic rubber co-polymer of acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene. Thephysical and chemical properties of nitrile will vary depending on its composition of acrylonitrile. The more acrylonitrile that is in the gloves means the higher the resistance is to the oils however the flexibility of the gloves will be lower.

Nitrile gloves are available in different thickness such as 4, 8 and 15 millimeters. This small thickness allows for greater tactile sensation. This means that the gloves fit your hands like a second skin and you will retain most of your feeling and touching sensations. Because the gloves are so thin, it is easier to pick up delicate medical instruments and to feel a patient's skin and take their pulse, etc.

These work gloves are supplied in both powdered and non-powdered versions. The powdered versions are made as the powder makes it easier to put the gloves on and take them off without damaging them. The gloves can also be bought in a variety sizes for both men and women and are available as wrist length and forearm length versions.

The gloves are designed to fit you snugly and are very durable. However, if they are accidentally punctured, then they should be thrown away as they will no longer be sterile and contamination could pass through the glove to the wearer and to the patient. If you are not wearing the work glovesfor health reasons or as protective gloves, then you may still use them if they are punctured. These low cost gloves are available as disposableand reusable varieties. Nitrile, unlike latex, does not cause any skin allergies, which makes them useful for just about everyone. These gloves are non-toxic and should also be non-irritant. The gloves can be ordered in boxes and in cases.

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