Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are usually flamboyant, beautifully crafted articles of footwearthat speak for themselves. These types of boots are often worn by many types of people such as cult motorcycle riders, casual riders and motorcycle racers. These sturdy and durable knee length boots are predominantly made out of premium quality, soft and supple leather. The boots are designed to protect the rider's legs from heat, snow and from against accidental burn injuries.

There are many different types of leather that are used to make motorcycle boots and some of these include Tan Durango buckshot leather, black longhorn leather, black oil tan leather, tan crazy horse leather and copper crazy horse leather. The soles are usually made out of neoprene or butyl. Motorcycle boots are generally made with a wide stirrup strap with metal rings and rivets. The insoles of the boots should soft and firm and the walking heels should be able to cushion shocks and impacts. Many of the boots are liberally studded with metal rivets and some of them even come with steel safety toes for added protection and sturdiness. Some styles of motorcycle boots come with zippers along the length and some can be slipped on and off.

The two most common and popular types of motorcycle boots around the world are engineer boots and motocross boots. Engineer boots are generally built from a heavy type of leather and have sturdy soles and heels. The boots have a leather strap across the ankles and at the boot tops. These boots range in height from about 10 inches high for foot protection, to about 38 inches high to protect the whole leg.

Motocross or racing boots, as they are also called, are generally knee high boots. These are also made out of heavy leather and they have metal or composite plates along the shin of the legs for extra protection.

Motorcycle boots should be breathable to keep your feet dry and comfortable. They must fit you properly so they don't cause you any foot pain or irritation. The boots are available in many different sizes, colors, styles and designs for men and women. There are a lot of online sources and retail stores from where these boots can be bought. You can also have your motorcycle boots custom-designed and built for you.

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