Mechanics Gloves

Mechanics' gloves are are generally made out of synthetic leather. These gloves are designed to protect mechanics from various types of work related hazards and injuries when they are working in narrow and confined spaces. Many racing car drivers and motorcycle drivers also use wear mechanics gloves. Along with providing the man or woman with hand protection, the gloves are made to help provide a good grip on the wrenches and other types of tools that mechanics use in their every day work.

Most types of mechanics' gloves come with either elastic or Velcro wrists that allow for a secure fit. The wrists of these work clothes should come up sufficiently high enough to protect the mechanic's wrist veins from fatal ruptures. The palms of the gloves are generally made out of a durable type of synthetic leather such as Rhinotex, and the palms and fingers usually come with shock absorbing padding. The finger walls should be ventilated so your hands don't become hot and sweaty while you are working. Anti-slip traction palm patches are typically sewn into the gloves to give a secure and effortless grip. A heavy-duty, impact protection knuckle protector with reflective trims often protects the knuckles. The stitching should be hidden so it does not snag on any sharp edges.

Because mechanics need dexterity and mobility in their hands and fingers to work, the gloves should not be too thick or stiff. They should also fit properly as a pair of mechanics gloves that are too tight or too small will greatly reduce your hand flexibility. Mechanics' gloves are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes and most of them can be washed for repeated use. You can also purchase insulated mechanics gloves and water resistant mechanics gloves if you are working in cold and/or wet weather.

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