Leather Work Gloves

You will often see workers such as loggers, furniture movers, construction workers, city workers, and drivers, etc. wearing leather work gloves as a part of their work uniform. These leather gloves are generally worn as work clothes by people who perform a lot of dexterous or heavy work with their hands. Leather work gloves are made out of a wide variety of leather such as deerskin, pigskin, sheepskin, goatskin, kangaroo and cowhide, etc. The leather gloves are comfortable, can take rough use and allow for reasonably good tactile sensation.

Since leather is a material that is made by the process of tanning the hides, pelts and skins of various animals, each type of leather may possess different properties and characteristics. Some kinds of leather will become stiff and brittle if it becomes wet and dries. The type of leather work gloves that you wear will depend on the work that you do and the purpose for wearing them as work clothes. Most leather work gloves are worn to keep your hands dry and warm rather than to protect them from chemicals and burns, etc. Leather work gloves are generally worn in cases where you don't need to use the full feeling and senses of your hands and fingers. They are not really ideal for performing delicate work and for picking up fine objects.

Many types of leather work gloves have a keystone thumb and a shirred wrist for a better fit. People who work outdoors in very cold climates typically wear gloves that have Arctic fleece lining to keep them warm. The palms of the gloves can be made out of durable grain, while the back usually has a softer grain. This gives the gloves a good grip while the soft back gives them a rich and smooth look. Gamblers and casino workers, billiards and snooker stewards usually wear special leather work gloves that are anti-static.

Leather work gloves are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes and designs for both men and women. This type of work wear is also commonly used for work around the house, garden and cottage, etc. Leather work gloves can be ordered by the dozen or in pairs through online shopping or from retailers and manufacturers.

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